Spotify Rolling out New Home Screen for iPhone Users

Spotify New Homescreen

Spotify is rolling out a redesigned home screen for its mobile app that will make content discovery easier and also allow you to quickly access your favorite content.

The top of the new Home screen will now provide access to six playlists — the albums you have been recently listening on repeat, the playlist you listen to during workouts, the podcast you stream every morning, and more. The content recommendation at the top will change depending on the time of the day and your listening habits. In total, there will be six playlists that will change depending on the time.

Starting today, when audio lovers open up their Spotify mobiles or tablet apps, they’ll be greeted with a refreshed user interface that allows them to quickly jump back into familiar content. Simply tap to access the podcast you stream each morning, the playlist you always tune into during your workout, or the album you’ve been playing on repeat all week. It’s a dedicated space at the top of Home to quickly and easily access your familiar music and podcasts.

Below the recommendations, you will find “made for you” playlists, podcast recommendations, new content suggestions, and more. The new UI for the home screen is rolling out to Spotify for iOS and Android users from today. It will show up for Spotify users if they have at least 30 days of music history associated with their account.

The new home screen in Spotify comes just a couple of weeks after the company rolled out a new look for its mobile app. That update introduced a new universal shuffle play button, action rows, cover art, and more.

[Via Spotify]