You Can Now Mirror Your iPhone’s Screen on Dell Laptops

Dell Mobile Connect

Dell has now updated its smartphone companion app so that it can offer advances features like screen mirroring, file transfer, and easier message syncing. The updated Dell Mobile Connect app now matches Microsoft’s own Your Phone app in terms of capabilities.

The new Dell Mobile Connect app is now available for the iPhone via the App Store. It brings some advanced features such as iPhone screen mirroring and file transfer for photos and videos. The new version of the app also brings performance improvements. Users don’t need to keep the Dell Mobile Connect app on the screen anymore for sending SMS.

Of course, users need to install the PC client on the Dell laptops (released in 2018 or later) running Windows 10 for the syncing to work. The PC client is available for Dell computers via the Microsoft Store. The screen mirroring and file transfer feature works on iPhones running iOS 13 or newer, while other features work on iPhones running iOS 11 or newer.

Other features of Dell Mobile Connect 3.0 include the ability to calls received on the iPhone on the PC, sending and receiving texts on the computer, syncing contacts, and receiving smartphone notifications. The Dell Mobile Connect app works on Alienware computers as well. The updated app with new features was first showed off during CES 2020.

While smartphone syncing works best between an iPhone and a Mac, there are plenty of people who use an iPhone but prefer a Windows computer. For those who use a Dell PC, the best solutions are the Dell Mobile Connect or Microsoft’s Your Phone app.

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