New iOS 14 Concept Details Redesigned Home Screen with Widgets and Other Cool Features

Apple iOS 14 Concept

Apple will unveil new versions of all its software platforms, including iOS 14, at WWDC 2020 in June. Some of the features that could be a part of iOS 14 have already been leaked, but no one knows how they could end up looking like. This new iOS 14 concept imagines the UI design of the upcoming version of iOS and how some features could look.

An extremely detailed concept of iOS 14, which was mocked up by Jack Phillip N.W., has been published on Behance. It is based on all the leaks that we’ve been reporting over the past few months. New features that it tries to show are the new home screen with widgets, list view for apps on the home screen, iMessage mentions and typing indicators, Siri-powered Mail inbox, and more.

Starting off with the new home screen concept, iOS 14 could use Siri to show actionable suggestions through widgets. The upcoming version of iOS 14 could direct your attention to things that might be important for you, such as new emails, upcoming appointments and reminders, a missed call, or more. They’re displayed through widgets of various shapes and sizes on the home screen, and you can pin them if you want. Else, they disappear when you’re done with them. It also shows the list view for the home screen.

Apple iOS 14 Home Screen Widgets Concept

The Messages app is expected to come with a new Mentions feature, and this concept gives us an idea of how a contact suggestion pops up on the top of the keyboard whenever you type @ followed by an alphabet, making it easier for you to just select the contact’s name rather than typing it entirely. Other features include read receipts, a new typing indicator, and sending money in a group chat via Apple Cash.

The Music app could allow you to add artists, albums, and songs for ‘Up Later,’ so that you can listen to them whenever you open the Music app the next time. The new app could also make it easier to go to albums, artists, playlists, and songs through sideways scrolling icons at the top rather than showing you the list view for it. You can also switch between Apple’s curated playlists and the playlists that you create. There’s also a quick way to turn the audio output between your headphones, AirPlay devices, or the phone’s speaker.

Apple iOS 14 Music App Concept

The Mail app in iOS 14 could be powered by Siri so that it can sort your inbox in various categories of emails, including personal, marketing, and purchases. The Reminders app could also include the Habits feature, which helps users in getting habituated to life-improving habits such as going for a run daily or brushing teeth well. It also shows a user’s progress on how well they’ve been doing with their new habits. The Calendar app could come with a new Days, Months, and Years view for events.

Other features that the new iOS 14 concept touches upon include third-party wallpaper collections inside the Settings app, locked albums inside the Gallery app for better privacy from prying eyes, a smaller notification for incoming calls, a way to choose default apps of your choice, and a new Apple News+ app with separate tabs for exclusive magazines. It is the most detailed iOS 14 concept that we’ve seen until now.

Apple iOS 14 Gallery App Touch ID Face ID Security Concept

What do you think of these iOS 14 concept images? Would it be closer to the original design of iOS 14? Let us know in the comments section below.

[Source: Behance]