New Super Slick iOS 14 Video Features Split Screen, Home Screen Widgets, Dock, More

Concept videos/images are a great way of drooling over future products and features. Recently we saw an AR-based Apple Card concept video. Now a new iOS 14 concept video has cropped up and it bakes in everything that is rumored so far about the iOS 14.

The video is created by a YouTube channel named “the Hacker 24” and walks us through all the leaked iOS 14 features. WWDC is expected to happen in June this year and the iOS 14 concept video seems like a great way to warm up for the event!


The iOS 14 Concept video walks us through Split View for multi-app support. Android has been offering a split view from some time. iPhone displays are getting bigger and it is only fair that iOS 14 offers a Split View. To be frank, the iOS 14 concept literally covers all the features we would love to see on iOS 14.

At the beginning of the video, you can see how an always-on display would look on the iPhone. Next up, the concept shows off widgets on the Home Screen and labels the same as ‘Complications.’ It is worth noticing how widgets expand when tapped and reveal details about the particular app. Also seen is a macOS styled Dock that can be accessed by swiping across the screen. You also get to see the drag and drop option, minimized call screen, an emoji bar that resides right below the keyboard, and a slick picture in picture mode with video float bar.

What do you think of these iOS 14 concept video? Would it be closer to the original design of iOS 14? Let us know in the comments section below.