Apple Reissuing App Updates For Several iOS Apps to Possibly Fix ‘App is No Longer Being Shared’ Error

Late last week, a number of iPhone owners were reporting that their device was throwing a ‘This App is No Longer Being Shared’ error while trying to open certain apps. Now, it looks like in a bid to fix that issue, Apple has issued app updates for tens and hundreds of apps.

iPhone owners are reporting that they are seeing a bunch of app updates on their iPhone, with the number running over a hundred for some. The app themselves have not been updated by their developer as some of them were last updated over a couple of weeks ago. However, it looks like Apple has pushed out a forced update for them probably in a bid to fix the ‘App is No Longer Being Shared’ error.

Apple has not officially acknowledged this issue and it has been happening to iPhone and iPad owners who have not even updated their device to iOS 13.5. This likely points to this being a certificate or a server-side issue from Apple which is why it had to re-issue updates for the affected apps. If you are also facing the ‘App is No Longer Being Shared’ error on your iPhone, you can check the App Store for pending app updates and install them. Make sure to refresh the Updates page if no app updates are shown at first. There’s also another way of fixing the issue which requires you to offload the app throwing the error. In both cases though, you will have to re-download the apps throwing the error so make sure you have access to a speedy internet connection.

Have you faced the ‘This App is No Longe Being Shared’ error on your iPhone? Drop a comment and let us know!

[Via MacRumors]