iOS Begins Alerting Users on Price Increase in Renewable Subscriptions

Apple has now started to alert users when the renewal subscription price is increased. The new alert feature for iOS/iPadOS was first spotted by Federico Viticci who has also put up screenshots on Twitter.

Most of us subscribe to our favorite app/services and forget to review the same. The subscription will be auto renewed every month and the charges will be billed to our account. Until now it was very difficult to detect a subscription price change. One had to go to account settings and manage subscriptions.


The new alert pops up whenever there is an increase in subscription charge of any app. You will get two options, you can either ‘Review’ the subscription charge or you can choose to ignore the alert. If you tap on ‘Review’ then you will be redirected to an App Store menu with additional details. Here you can choose ‘Agree to New Price’ or click on ‘Manage Subscription’ to end or pause the subscription. Furthermore, the page also shows the previous price and the updated price. On a related note, you can follow these simple steps to cancel the subscription for any app.

As you can see in the above screenshot, the alert says ‘App in the Air’ premium has increased yearly subscription price from $14.99 to $29.99. Apparently the app was running a promo with a discounted price for the first year of subscription.

Our Take

Managing several app subscriptions on iOS is a task. Many iOS users tend to uninstall the app without unsubscribing and end up paying subscription charges. It pays to keep an eye on app subscriptions at least once in a while. Meanwhile, scammers are offering free trials and increasing subscription costs after signing up. It is thoughtful of Apple to add an alert for a change in the renewable subscription price.