Poll: Has the Latest AirPods Pro Firmware Update Improved ANC Performance?

Apple AirPods Pro

Apple finally released a firmware update for AirPods Pro yesterday. Like many AirPods Pro users, I have been eagerly waiting for it as the Active Noise Cancellation on my AirPods Pro hasn’t been working as well as reviewers had raved about.

After launching the ANC wireless earphones in the October of last year, the company released firmware version 2B588 in November 2019 and firmware version 2C54 in December 2019. However, Apple pulled that version.

At that time, RTINGS reported that the 2C54 update for the AirPods Pro brought about a “significant drop in isolation performance, primarily in the bass-range” On the plus side, the firmware update brought about a “fairly significant improvement to bass accuracy.” Other changes noticed after the firmware update include a “very slight reduction in mid accuracy” and “a very slight reduction in treble accuracy.”

I have noticed an improvement after installing the 2D15 firmware update but I still don’t think the active noise cancellation is very impressive. For example, I can now barely hear the rotating table fan in my room, which is an improvement over the 2C54 firmware update. However, I can still hear people when they speak close to me or shout from a distance, which ideally I should not be hearing.

I bought the AirPods Pro in December, so it came with firmware version 2B588. It looks like the original firmware (2B584) offered the best active noise cancellation, which was probably the reason AirPods Pro’s ANC feature got such rave reviews.

What has been your experience? Please take the poll on Twitter or Facebook below to let us know if the 2D15 firmware update has improved ANC performance, and please feel to drop a comment in the comments below to provide more details.