Rumor: Future AirPods Could Use Ambient Light Sensors

Second-Generation Apple AirPods 2019

Apple could be looking to integrate light sensors into the next-generation AirPods and rely on Taiwan’s ASE Technology for the manufacturing of the sensors. The DigiTimes report does not mention as to why Apple could be looking to use light sensors on the AirPods.

Ambient light sensors are primarily used on devices featuring a display to automatically adjust the display brightness depending on the ambient light around them. The AirPods are a wearable device that has no real use of an ambient light sensor. One possible scenario could be that Apple is looking to replace the optical sensors on the AirPods with the light sensors. The optical sensors are used to detect when the AirPods are being used and when they have been removed from one’s ear which in turn controls music playback.

There have been rumors of Apple adding health-focused features to the AirPods as well, though how an ambient light sensor would help in this regard is currently unknown. A rumor from 2019 claimed that the AirPods 2 could come with a biometric sensor for heart-rate tracking, though that seems too far fetched here.

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One thing is for clear though that the ambient light sensor is unlikely to be a part of the rumored AirPods refresh due to launch later this year.

Our Take

Given that the leak comes from DigiTimes, it is always possible that it does not turn out to be true. The site has a mixed track record when it comes to Apple leaks and many of its claims have never turned out to be true.

Do you foresee Apple adding health-focused features to the AirPods in the future?

[Via DigiTimes]