Apple Is Tracking Looted iPhones from Its Stores in the US

iPhone SE 2020 back

There are massive protests going on in the United States following the murder of George Floyd by a police officer in Minneapolis. As a part of the protests, many shops are also being looters by protesters with ill intentions. Apple Stores are hot zones in such a scenario given just how expensive iPhones, MacBooks, and other Apple products are. As it turns out though, Apple is smarter than the protestors breaking into its retail stores though.

The company uses an enhanced security system on its demo devices in-store to protect them from exactly such scenarios. All demo and unsold devices in Apple stores are automatically locked and disabled if they leave the store premises. In fact, images have popped up on Twitter and Reddit of stolen iPhones showing a message to return the stolen device back to the store. It also notes that the device is being tracked and that local authorities will be alerted about it. A patent from last year had described the security system the company uses on its unpaid and deactivated devices which are automatically disabled if they leave the store.

Apple confirmed to MarketWatch that its demo devices that are illegally taken from its stores do show messages like the ones being shared on social media.

Apple had started opening its stores in the United States following an extended shut down due to the virus outbreak. However, the ongoing protests have forced the company to shut down some of its stores again for the safety of its employees and the store itself. The company has also put up scaffolding on its iconic Fifth Avenue store in Manhattan to protect it from damage due to the protests.

[Via MarketWatch]