These New Car Shaped AirPods Cases Glow in the Dark

Elago is known for quirky AirPods cases, Apple Watch nightstand, and other accessories. Now the company has come up with a new AirPods Cases that is modeled after the iconic Mini car. In a bid to make the AirPods case seem realistic Elago has added headlights that grow in the dark!

The new Mini AirPods Cases look very different from the traditional AirPods cases. If you are an automobile enthusiast then you can carry AirPods in an iconic Mini case at just $15.99 (including shipping). The AirPods can be accessed by opening the front part of the car. The glow at night headlights adds a certain bling factor to the AirPods case. And before we forget, the taillights glow in the dark too!

Elago’s Mini Car AirPods case can accommodate AirPods 1/AirPods 2. Thankfully, you get to use all the features of your AirPods even when the case is on. You will be able to use wireless charging or plug in the lightning cable via an opening in the black number plates.

The Mini Car AirPods case seems like a perfect gift for friends and family who own a pair of AirPods. Elago says the case is made of Silicone and offers “Great Drop Protection.” The Mini Car AirPods Case is available in Red, Green, and White color.

Elago already offers accessories including iPod Classic themed Apple Watch stand, Original Mac themed Apple Watch Stand, and also an AirPods Case that looks like Original iPod. It seems like the accessory maker banks heavily on nostalgia and creating cases that are unique and yet offer basic functionalities. Fancy a Mini car-themed AirPods case? You can buy it directly from Amazon at $14.99.

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