Designer Imagines a Detachable iPhone Camera Module That Doubles as Action Cam

With every passing year smartphone camera bumps are becoming bigger and in some cases uglier. It is almost impossible to keep the phone flat on a table. A designer has reimagined how it would be if the iPhone comes with a detachable camera that is fully functional on its own. Yanko Design’s Mosaic device is a concept that is aimed at showing how camera bumps can have a positive side.

Mosaic is a detachable camera module that sits at the rear of the phone. Interestingly, the camera module works standalone after being detached and can be used as an action camera (just like GoPro.) It is also possible to simply carry the Mosaic camera module in case you don’t want to carry your iPhone.

The designer has also added a sling that will let you wear the camera module on your wrists or around your neck. The modular camera setup features three lenses, ToF sensor, a microphone, and a small display that offers a preview window. Thats not all, once detached the camera module can also be worn as an activity tracker and even as a bodycam.

The camera comes with its own volume buttons so controlling it without the iPhone is easy. The Mosaic camera lacks a charging port and that is because it can be charged simply by docking on the phone. Apparently the conceptual device aims at bridging the gap between smartphones and smartwatches. Lastly, the modularity is expected to enhance the value for money proposition, especially since users will also get an action camera with their iPhone.

The designer mentions Mosaic “isn’t really intended at being an Apple concept. It appears as if the conceptual device takes a dig at camera bumps whilst offering a very futuristic solution. At the moment the conceptual device seems to be stretching too far into the future.

What are your thoughts about this detachable iPhone camera module?

[via Yanko Design]