Poll: Which is Your Favorite iOS 14 Feature?

iOS 14 Widgets

Apple announced iOS 14 earlier this week at the opening keynote of WWDC 2020. The upcoming release of the OS packs a number of usability improvements and also brings about a much-needed home screen revamp. What are your thoughts on iOS 14 and which is the feature that you are looking forward to the most?

The highlight of iOS 14 is definitely the revamped home screen experience. The addition of widgets and App Library will go a long way in decluttering your iPhone’s home screen experience. The home screen refresh is only one part of the many new usability improvements that Apple has made in iOS 14. Below is a look at some of the other key new features in iOS 14.

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Home Screen Widgets & App Library

This is obviously the big one in iOS 14. The addition of widgets and App Library revamp the iOS home screen experience in perhaps the biggest way since the inception of the OS. They will not only improve the information density of the home screen but also reduce the clutter on it.

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App Clips

To avoid having to install an app for every little task, Apple is debuting a feature called App Clips with iOS 14. This will allow users to open a selected part of an app on their device without having to install it. App Clips are under 10MB in size to ensure that they open quickly. They also have ‘Sign in With Apple’ and Apple Pay integration so you can quickly pay for your coffee or parking without having to install the app first.

Compact Call Notification

Another one of those finally features. With iOS 14, Apple is finally adding a compact incoming call banner notification. This will ensure that incoming calls, including VoIP calls on WhatsApp or Skype, do not end up taking your entire screen and prevent you from doing your ongoing task.

Picture in Picture

Taking a cue from iPadOS, Apple is finally getting around to adding Picture in Picture support in iOS. This is a big deal as you can now continue your FaceTime or WhatsApp video call while browsing the web or using any other app. Similarly, you can also use PiP in apps like Netflix.

Picture in Picture might not sound like a big deal, but it will go a long way in greatly improving the overall experience of doing video calls or streaming videos on your iPhone as you will no longer have to stop anything else that you are doing.

Improved Messages App

In the new Messages app in iOS, you can pin up to nine conversations so that they always appear at the top for quick and easy access. You can now also set a group photo for a group conversation by adding a photo, emoji, or a Memoji. Other notable improvements to the Messages app in iOS 14 include support for @mentions and inline replies to help make conversations easier to follow.

Memoji is also getting improved and now features new age options, face masks, 20+ new hair and headwear styles, and more.

What are your favorite new iOS 14 features? Take part in our poll below and let us know by dropping a comment!

Have you installed the beta on your iPhone yet? If not, you can install iOS 14 beta right away on your device without having to wait for the public beta.