Future Chrome Update Could Boost Your MacBook’s Battery Life by Two Hours

Google Chrome

Google Chrome has always been known to be a battery hog, especially on MacBooks. While Google has improved the performance and power efficiency of its web browser on macOS over the years, it is nowhere are power efficient as Safari. Even Microsoft Edge seems to be performing better than Chrome. Now, a new version of Chrome is being tested that dramatically improves battery life on laptops.

An experimental feature on Chrome v86 is being tested by Google to improve its power consumption. This version of Chrome saves on power by shutting down unnecessary Javascript timers and trackers in tabs that are running in the background. These trackers also include the ones that check your scrolling position on a webpage, and they’re not really needed in inactive tabs.

Google was reportedly able to improve battery life by up to two hours in a test that included 36 tabs in the background and one tab in the foreground. Not everyone keeps 36 tabs in Google Chrome, and it’s an extreme test, but it gives us an idea of how tweaking little things can improve performance and power efficiency. Google also tested the new version of Chrome by playing YouTube videos, and it improved battery life by over 30 minutes.

This new feature is only available as a flag in Chrome v86 beta, and it can’t be said for sure that Google will ship it in the public version of the web browser. However, the feature is found in both desktop and mobile versions of Chrome. It is unlikely that the new battery-saving feature will roll out with Chrome v86 public build, but we can expect it to arrive in the later versions of the web browser. In the past, Google was able to improve battery life while using Chrome by disabling Flash content.

If Google releases the new feature with a future version of Chrome, it might dramatically improve your MacBook’s battery life, especially if you’re someone who opens a lot of tabs in the web browser. Apple and Microsoft have regularly used the battery life factor of their web browsers as an advantage over using Google Chrome, but they might not be able to do so if Google releases the new feature.

Our Take

We’ve personally felt that Safari works than Google Chrome on macOS, especially in terms of performance and power efficiency. However, we can’t overlook some advantages of Chrome, especially things like extensions. If Google is able to improve power efficiency with a future version of Chrome, it might be able to sway at least some of us from Safari to switch to Chrome.

If you’re someone who is invested in Google Chrome and Google’s ecosystem, you should keep an eye out on the new battery-saving feature.

[Via: Engadget, Source: The Windows Club]