Video: iPhone 6s on iOS 14 Beta Runs Surprisingly Smooth

We were startled that iPhone 6s, a device that debuted five years ago supported the latest iOS 14. Brandon Butch, a YouTuber has now released a video that shows how iPhone 6s handles iOS 14 beta.

The video shows walk us through new iOS 14 features on iPhone 6s. Despite being a five-year-old device, the iPhone 6s handles iOS 14 beta gracefully. There is no noticeable lag while opening widgets, picture in picture mode, messages features, Safari, performance, and battery life menu. We did notice battery level dropping dramatically, however it might also be due to aged battery. Other new iOS 14 functionalities like App Library seem to works just fine.

The iOS 14 offers the picture in picture mode for YouTube videos being accessed via Safari. Also, there is no noticeable lag when the floating video bar is moved across the screen. Later in the video, we get to see that some apps are slow to open. Furthermore, the keyboard lags to a certain extent. We need to remember that iPhone 6s is powered by A9 chip and packs in a not so impressive 2GB RAM.

As mentioned earlier, the battery life drops drastically. This is perhaps due to the widgets and other new features that use increased battery life. That being said, the iOS 14 is still in beta and typically the initial iOS beta sucks when it comes to battery life. Hopefully, iOS 14 would become better after a few betas.

Our Take

It is no secret that iPhones age well. Unlike most of their Android counterparts, iPhones get the latest update even for more than four years. Apple always has the upper hand owing to its full-stack integration that includes both hardware and software. Last year, Tim Cook disclosed that iPhone revenue was down because people were holding to their devices longer than expected.

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