Poll: Is Your iPhone’s Battery Draining Faster After Recent iOS 13 Updates?

iOS 13.6 What's New

Apple released the iOS 13.6 update earlier this week which added some new features to Apple News+ and also fixed some bugs. Despite a point jump in release number, iOS 13.6 is a relatively minor update especially if you don’t really use Apple News. While not mentioned, the update should also fix the battery drain issue that many iPhone users have been reporting on iOS 13.5.1.

A battery drain comparison from YouTuber iAppleBytes, however, shows that iOS 13.6 delivers lower battery life across all iPhones compared to older releases of the OS. There has also been a spike in battery drain reports from iPhone users in recent months as well compared to when iOS 13 was initially released. Considering that iOS 13.6 is likely the OS release from Apple until it gets around to releasing iOS 14 to the public in September, it is important that iOS 13.6 is free from any kind of battery drain.

Now that it has been a few days since Apple first released iOS 13.6, how’s your experience between in terms of battery life? Has it fixed the battery drain that you were experiencing in iOS 13.5.1? More importantly, do you think that recent releases of iOS 13 have led to your iPhone’s battery declining and that it is no longer as good as before? Do note that consumer habits have changed greatly due to the ongoing pandemic as well. As people are forced to stay indoors, they are spending more time on their phones using various social media apps and games. This can be corroborated by a Sensor Tower report which points to the App Store registering a record-breaking 9 billion+ downloads in Q2 2020.

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