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The Best macOS Big Sur Features for Macs

macOS Big Sur embraces a whole new design perspective that gels the Mac together with iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. While not everyone will appreciate the change in aesthetics (I for one love it), the latest upgrade to macOS alsoaaa

macOS Big Sur Will Make Installing OS Updates Faster

Despite coming with fast multi-core processors, blazing-fast SSDs, and oodles of RAM, Macs take an extremely long time to install system updates. Even a simple point release of macOS Catalina can end up taking nearly 10 minutes to install onaaa

Apple Releases macOS Big Sur Beta 1 To Developers

MacOS Catalina

Apple unveiled the next major version of macOS during the WWDC 2020 event today. With macOS Big Sur, the company has introduced a new UI design, various new features, and better apps, including an improved Safari web browser. Now, theaaa