Download Sn0wbreeze

Sn0wbreeze is one of the popular tools to jailbreak iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch for Windows users developed by the iH8sn0w.

Please find the links to download Sn0wbreeze beloww:

After successfully jailbreaking your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, please don’t forget to checkout our article on tips to keep your iOS device secure.

If you’re new to the jailbreaking world and wondering what to do after jailbreaking your iOS device, checkout our jailbreak apps category page to find out the apps you can install on your iOS device using the Cydia app.

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  • sandu39

    redsn0w094 nu existsa? va rog de unde download?si eu

  • Kryojenix

    I just downloaded Sn0wBreeze 2.9.10, but in the zip file it says 2.9.12 … ?

    • matty2shoes

      are u sure that it didnt say 2.9.12 instead of 2.9.10?

      • Kryojenix

        Uhmm… I was sure 9 months ago!

  • Ming

    snowbreeze 2.9.11 cannot be download…getting an error all the time…plz can you fix the problem…the error says network error

  • tfghjp

    does it work

  • sdfghjkl

    snowbreeze 2.9.7 is rubbish 1st try doing this myself and it went wrong now my iphone is now broken unable to turn it on so not happy

  • fadil

    is there Sn0wBreeze for IOS 6.1.3 for Iphone 4s?

    • maaaizz

      Sn0wBreeze 2.9.14

      • Rogerfpf

        no version works with Iphone 4s

  • luca

    per il 3gs ios 6.1.3 quale snowbreeze ci vuole?????

  • carlos1876

    any for ios 7

  • 7amer


  • matty2shoes

    hope it works unlike redsn0w

  • farfal7

    is there Sn0wBreeze for IOS 7.0.4 for Iphone 4?

    • pas74

      anche a me servirebbe saperlo

    • Sevendz

      me too i want Sn0wbreeze for iphone 4 7.0.4

  • Vahid

    When does the 2.9.15 comes for ios 7 and 6.1.5 Hacktivating on iPhone 3GS ?????
    Tired of waiting…

  • neameh

    does sn0wbreeze jailbreak ios 7.0.4 iphone 4s

  • André Montenegro

    Are you working on Sn0wBreeze for IOS 7.0.4 or you have stop to work?


  • shaydie

    maybe for ios 7.1?

  • Yaykhal Tone

    Is there sn0wbreeze for ios 6.1.6 for ipodtouch 4G , if anyone know pls tell me

    • Kamran Ashraf

      i know to jailbreak ios 6.1.6 with redsn0w

  • Steve Walters

    what about 7.0.4, no update ?

  • ryda

    wich version jailbreaks a iphone 3gs i used redsnow but took away cydia and keeps saying no service

  • Kamran Ashraf

    who want to jail break his/her iphone till ios 6.1.6
    reply on my comment i will jailbreak your phone

  • lahiru

    not work i phone5

  • robert

    sn0wbreeze for ios 3.1.3, link?