iOS 6 Compatible Jailbreak Apps And Tweaks

Here’s the comprehensive list of jailbreak apps and Cydia tweaks that are compatible with beta versions of iOS 6. We expect iOS jailbreak app developers to fix the compatibility issues before the jailbreak tools for iOS 6 are released.

  • Activator ( Add this repo to get Activator for IOS 6
  • Alarming
  • Android Delete
  • AnimateBattery
  • Anyring
  • AppList
  • AutoClose Folder
  • Barrel
  • BatteryShower
  • Battery Info
  • BytaFont
  • Cascade
  • CustomGrid
  • Dashboard X
  • Data Monitor
  • Deck
  • DoubleDock
  • DraggableUnlockBar
  • eWifi
  • Five Icon Dock
  • Five Icon Switcher
  • Flowtation
  • F.lux
  • GPower Pro
  • GravityLockScreen
  • gpSPhone
  • iCleaner
  • IconSupport
  • Iconoclasm
  • Icy
  • iFile
  • iTransmission
  • iWep Pro 5
  • LibDisplayStack
  • libhide
  • MobileSubstrate
  • MobileTerminal
  • MusicBox
  • NCSettings
  • NoCameraGrabber
  • NoFlash
  • NoNewsIsGoodNews
  • NoSpot
  • NoStoreButton
  • NotificationCenter Enhancer
  • NoWiggle
  • OmniStat
  • OpenSSH
  • Pandora Downloader
  • Password Pilot
  • pincrush
  • Preference Folders
  • PreferenceLoader ( Add this repo to get PreferenceLoader for IOS 6
  • Safari Download Manager
  • Safari UniBar
  • SBSettings
  • SBVolume
  • SmoothBoard
  • SnowCover4
  • Webscrollian
  • Wifi Passwords

Not Compatible:

  • ActionMenu
  • Android Recent Apps
  • Anicons
  • App Switcher Brightness
  • Backgrounder
  • biteSMS
  • BrightnessSwitcher
  • Bulletin
  • CardSwitcher
  • ClearSpotlight
  • CleverPin
  • ColorKeyboard
  • CustomGrid Free
  • Cydia (Please do not install Cydia. SUPPORT SAURIK)
  • Dimmer
  • Direct Closer Pro
  • FolderEnhancer
  • FoldersInFolders
  • Graviboard
  • HapticPro
  • HomeScreen Contacts
  • Imperium
  • InfiniDock
  • KillBackground
  • LibStatusBar
  • MultiCleaner
  • Multifl0w
  • No Badges
  • PowerLock
  • ScrollingBoard
  • SpotEnhancer
  • Springtomize 2
  • Switchy
  • UnFolder
  • Unlockize
  • WeeLoader
  • Zephyr
  • Zeppllin


  • ActionBoard (Only Some Things work)
  • BlurriedNCBackground
  • NoSwitcherLabels
  • WinterBoard (Changes some files)

Please let us know if you have found if any jailbreak apps or tweaks are compatible with iOS 6.


Check out this post for the list of iOS 6.1 and iPhone 5 compatible jailbreak apps and tweaks.

Thanks to iFan forum member crazydog11 for compiling this list.

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  • Sheraz Sajawal

    thanks for the list

    • meku

      V wallpaper2 work or not ans r

  • Pirujas

    No bitesms!? Wtf!!?

    • Max

      Exact reason I will wait until it gets updated to support iOS 6. I use more things on the not compatible list, only use about 3 things on the compatible list

  • Ryan Wong

    Intelliscreen X?

    • tmel4198

      its being worked on for ios 6

  • Bram

    What about:
    – Five-Column Springboard
    – GridLock
    – Infinifolders
    – Installous
    – Shrink

    • tmel4198

      anything that requires IconSupport like gridlock wont work on iOS 6 yet, gridlock update comes out soon!

  • invi

    five icon dock isn’t working??

    • meku

      working fine to me

  • Paul Sparrow

    sb rotator not compatible :(

  • Slick

    swipeback and swipe selection working

    • iPhoneHacks

      Thanks for the tip Slick!

      • Slick

        no prob!
        cant believe they didn’t add “swipe selection” to ios 6

    • Slick

      Zephyr, Activator, style unlock , app switcher brightness, fake carrier, foldercloser, no page dots, nonewsisgoodnews, nospot, nostorebutton, poof
      all installed and wroking
      I had to restore twice and jailbreak all over
      1st time i cant remember wat i installed which then screw up the jb
      2nd was after “sbsettings”
      but i did had that working first time weird huh?

  • Dougster

    I have PDAnet working just fine on IOS6.

    • seetonydrum

      Really? How about 6.1?

      • Marcus Stewart

        PDANet on IOS 6.1 initially would not work with WiFi Tether but did work with USB only for me. When I tried to re-install it… yeah I got the whole phone was deactivated. On top of that my computer would recognize it but kept giving an error so I couldn’t do anything about it. I ended up forcing my phone into recovery mode which allowed the computer to see it properly again then restored 6.1 and reapplied the jailbreak to get it back. It’s not a fun process and can scare the piss out of you if don’t know what your doing.

        • Longfellow No

          Can you post the process of restoring the phone. I didnt see compatibility list and PDAnet deactivated my phone. Now Im at a loss of how to restore. Thanks

        • Longfellow No

          could you post how you recovered your phone? PDAnet deactivated the phone and Im not sure how to recover. Thanks

        • seetonydrum

          PdaNet (6.01 newest version) does work. No issues. You may have to add the the repo to get the latest version.

  • neno

    i only have TintCycler why????/

  • Hi

    IAP cracker?

  • Mitchell Archibald

    how do you download them

  • Oldergeek

    Speakevents on iphone4

  • Luxury Brass

    Battery info is not working

  • ya boi

    if cydia isnt compatible how can you get the compatibles??????????

    • tmel4198

      cydia is compatible, where have you been. just jailbroke ios 6.0.1 with newest redsn0w

      • whynotcydia?

        I’m more so curious what we would use instead of cydia?

  • bean

    btstacker ??

  • dmarjhund3

    here are some of my jb tweaks/apps that no longer work with ios6:

    1. action menu

    2. pull to refresh

    3. remove recent

    4. vexillum

    5. icon rotator

    6. statusbar colour

    7. auto protect (shame about this one, really loved it – i hope the developer will update this)

    8. unfold

    9. quick emoji

    10. f.lux (it says compatible, but it actually doesnt work)

  • Nepomuk

    gnudebugger and displayrecorder would be more than nice to have

  • John

    When will colorkeyboard be compatible?

  • Yeaa Boii

    I got infinidock working!

  • Martinez

    Can I TO Jailbreak My IPhone 5 ios 6.0.1 HELP !

    • iPhoneHacks

      No, it’s not possible to jailbreak iPhone 5 currently. we’ll let you know as soon as we’ve any further updates so don’t forget to join our Facebook Fan page or follow us on Twitter
      or add us on Google+ or subscribe
      to our RSS feed .

      • Carl

        Explain why evasi0n works then.

        • iPhoneHacks

          You probably missed it, but I made that comment 14 days back before evasi0n was even announced. At that time there was no tool available to jailbreak iPhone 5.

        • duh

          welcome to two weeks ago…

  • Andree

    I need to know if now Airblue Sharing and CameraConnector works with iOS 6 and iPhone 4s.. And I need to know even if Color Profiles and Clockify works.. Thank you.

  • Rondog

    Ireminder has been working for me, no crashes as yet. Ihave it on my iphone 4 ios 6.1

  • DJ Flea

    Is iBlack list compatible??

    • Big Mike


  • menehune89

    How about iSilent? Anyone tried it yet?

  • midwest texan

    would be good if put the actual versions that work so there some confidence in installing some apps from cydia.

  • Valen

    And Graviboard? PaperLock? Please let me know a good page like myrepospace!! Ivs got and IPod Touch 5G JB with IOS 6.1

  • Cody

    Bitesms 7 works on iOS 6 now

  • Stace Sidiroglou

    color keyboard works for 4S iOS6.1 :) and I’m going to try more :)

  • Austin Condiff

    WS Wallpaper puts me in safe mode because it crashes the springboard…

  • tushar

    is there a alternative to backgrounder i really need one

  • Barret

    Is color keyboard working yet?

    • hyllal apple




  • Kyle

    Anyone know if move2unlock, masks or applocker will be available in the near future? masks and applocker are both really important to me and neither will work

  • tatrix5000

    what about call counter 3, sms counter and data counter? please i wanna know…. cause those tweaks are important for me.

  • Courtney

    Deck is saying that it isn’t compatible with my software and won’t allow me to download it. Has anyone been able to do so successfully?

  • irfan

    i accidentally installed unlockize and just found out it’s not compatible with ios 6. how can i unlock my phone wtih out crashing unlockize?

  • izzboz

    i can say that five icon folder doesnt work on ios 6.1. the number of items you picked to be on a line before now is the number of items you put in that folder with a max of 10. if you put more than 10 in some of the icons disappear and you need to take the other icons back out to see them again.

    five icon dock works perfectly tho…

    some others that dont work is carbone’s ice keys and speed intensifier.

  • Andrew Daddytobeagain Uwolvesl

    music box not working after jailbreak

  • Heart Stealer Ali

    I want Backgrounder app badly for my 3gs ios 6.1,,,,but its not working. is there any alternative??

  • paulsingh47

    colour keyboard is working perfectly, just be aware when you install it, it will dim iphone 5 brightness to low. just re adjust brightness as much you like and here you go colour keyboard will work perfectly, i am already using it on iphone 5 ios 6.1.1

  • marc

    ive tried to get sb rotate to work for 2 day …. just wont work… but all the list i see for ios6 compatable say that it does work ??? am i missing somthing…

  • jkrunning

    PdaNet is updated to version 6.01 which supports iOS 6.x now.

  • vvvvv

    zeppelin is compatible

  • Majid Khan



    Compitible and fully working in iOS 6.1

  • scouse

    Killbackground working fine.

  • tephie

    Gridlock is not working. Boo )=

    Neither is Chip. Barrel is working but not properly. There is a lag/skip when transitioning from one page to another and the icons freeze in place for a moment.

  • Kaela Schnoor

    bitesms works now. I’m currently using it

  • efrun13

    Zephyr & Zeppllin work on my iPhone 4S and iPod 4G and 5G

  • Big Mike

    has anyone got You Got Mail AOL sound or ATT SMS working in Winterboard. not working for me. Also can’t get ICONs to go back to all the fancy icons i had before upgrade. Let me know.

  • Big Mike

    Activator not working since upgrade to IOS 6.1.1 with new 1.3 jailbreak upgrade.

  • Big Mike

    I have never gotten ALOUD to work! can anyone help me with this issue? Thanks

  • Francois de Villiers

    music box snt working with my 4s! no problem installing the app it just when i search for something it just gives me a blank page. any solutions?

  • Lepton

    Solltest mal aktualisieren :-)

  • Mohammed Hassan

    I actually managed to email the developer who made graviboard to make an update for it to work on ios 6-6.1. I hope he replies :) (doubt it)

  • Tylrr

    Pandora downloader worked but if you do a hard reboot it will open to the set up screen on ipad 3 with ios 6. You will have to restart holding the volume up button and uninstall pandora downloader and restart to get your tweaks working again.

  • Francis

    List of working tweaks:
    2>Color Keyboard
    4>Kill Background
    6>Pda Net

  • Coffeetip

    springtomize 2 works with ios 6, Ive got it

  • Dien Agustin

    Color Keyboard is compatible. Im using it now on my 6.1.2.

  • DrownSoda

    Yo what’s up with Unlockize? It crashes everytime + have to uninstall it in order to get out of Safe mode.

  • yabadap

    zeppelin and zephyr works on iphone4 ios 6.1.2

  • Ivan AbcXyz

    biteSMS v7.4 is compatible with iOS6

  • Justin Dir

    zepplin worked for me !but graviboard did not

  • Justin Dir

    aquaboard works as well try it ,its really cool!!!!!!!!!!

  • smewhteguy

    pdanet worked on my 4s with ios 6.1.2 maybe i got lucky. install at your own risk

  • Ramse

    It’s Deck 2.0 that support iOS6+ … Not Deck 1.xx
    Deck 2.0 is coming soon. JSYK

  • Portugal

    what’s the best?

  • Ruud Dé Brûíñ

    Ah crap, this is an ios6 jb discussion, sorry!

  • Boss_Bitch_Soundz

    what about fonts??

  • russ

    please fix Phantom (snapchat tweak) it doesnt work with ios 6 after the new snapchat update, lots of people want it to be fixed. please work on it.

  • iPhoneHacks

    Sorry, we have a no piracy policy, so your comment has been deleted.

    Please support the Cydia developers by buying their jailbreak apps rather than pirating them.