Native iPhone App: PocketGuitar brings Touchscreen Guitar to the iPhone

Native iPhone App: PocketGuitar brings Touchscreen Guitar to the iPhone

Now that we have a simpler way to jailbreak iPhone firmware it is probably a good time to bring focus back on some of the cool native iPhone Applications. I seemed to have missed out this great third party native iPhone application developed by iPhone hacker Shinya Kasatani called the PocketGuitar.

Its a virtual guitar for iPhone and iPod touch thus turning your iPhone or iPod Touch into a touchscreen guitar.

Simpler method to JailBreak & Unlock iPhone firmware 1.1.3 Released

Zibri who was the member of the iPhone Dev Team not so long ago and was alienated for releasing the “true” jailbreak method that the iPhone dev team was attempting to keep secret until the release of Apple’s official SDK has just released a much simpler and what seems to be a single step method to jailbreak iPhone Firmware 1.1.3 along with some minor fixes.

Zibri was also the iPhone hacker to confirm the rumor/news that the iPhone Application SDK Key has leaked.

More details on the latest iPhone jailbreak method available after the jump.

Native iPhone Applications: New Features make Navizon an even closer Emulation of Real GPS

Native iPhone Applications: New Features make Navizon an even closer Emulation of Real GPS

One of the most popular native third party iPhone Application has been Navizon’s Virtual or faus GPS for the iPhone thanks to Global Positioning System (GPS) feature missing from iPhone’s rich feature list.

Navizon has introduced some new features to its Virtual GPS iPhone application, one of most interesting of them called “moving mode” that will update your location every 10 seconds, thus providing an even closer emulation of real GPS.

Software-Based Method to Unlock iPhone firmware 1.1.3 Released

Whenever Apple releases a firmware, it starts a vicious cycle of first figuring out how to jailbreak the latest firmware and then unlocking the jailbroken iPhone so that SIM for any carrier can be used. So after jailbreaking was accomplished for iPhone firmware 1.1.3 the commonly asked question was can you unlock the jailbroken iPhone.

George Hotz has just answered that question for us. The teenager who was the first to release the hardware based unlocking method for the iPhone way back in August 2007 is at it again, he has just released the first software-based method to unlock the iPhone running firmware 1.1.3.

iPhone Tips & Tricks: Home Screen Tricks

I came across a couple of simple home screen tricks from Tuaw readers which I am sure you will love.

iPhone firmware v1.1.3 makes it possible to rearrange the icons on your Home screen, also swap the icons in and out of the Dock and add an additional eight Home screen pages.

In the video on the January Update 08 Apple had demonstrated that one
of the ways to navigate through the nine Home screen pages you could
simply flick or drag your finger left or right on the home screen.

There is another way which Apple didn’t tell us about, read all about it and more after the jump.

Upgrading to 16GB iPhone? No Contract Extension Required

There have been many reports that iPhone owners who had chosen to upgrade to 16GB iPhone announced this week have been forced to sign a two-year extension to their current AT&T contract.

That might have been somewhat true due to incorrect information being provided by some AT&T reps. However, iLounge who had contacted AT&T for a clarification on the issue have got a response from Mark Siegel, Executive Director of Media and Analyst Relations with AT&T via email to clarify that “If you upgrade from an 8 to a 16 GB iPhone, you sign a new contract. However, we automatically backdate it to the starting point of your contract on the 8 GB phone.”

He has also clarified that iPhone owners should activate the SIM card that comes with the new model. Mark Siegel has also mentioned that the company “will make every effort to ensure that our reps provide customers with the correct information".

Hope this helps those who upgraded to the 16GB iPhone and thought you had got a raw deal due to the contract extension (though I would suggest it would be a good idea to call AT&T and get the same clarified for your account to be doubly sure).

[via iLounge]

iPhone Web Application: FlyTunes brings Internet Radio to the iPhone

iPhone Web Application: FlyTunes brings Internet Radio to the iPhone

If you are a radio junkie then you are going to love this iPhone Application. FlyTunes an Internet radio aggregator pitching as an alternative to Sirius Satellite Radio brings Internet Radio to the iPhone.

When I came across this iPhone application I decided I had to write about it as one of my complaints about Apple’s iPods and now the iPhone is that it does not have radio built in something that is available in most mp3 players these days.

I checked FlyTunes out over Wi-Fi and the internet radio stations played very well.

Breaking News: Apple announces 16GB iPhone

Breaking News: Apple announces 16GB iPhone

After all the rumors and speculations, its finally official, Apple has announced a 16GB iPhone thus doubling the storage capacity. Along with the 16GB iPhone, Apple has also announced a 32GB iPod Touch.

Lets face when Apple launched the 16 GB iPod Touch it was quite imminent that we would soon have a 16 GB iPhone. The 16GB iPhone is priced at $499, in addition to the 8GB iPhone for $399. The 32GB iPod Touch is priced at $499, in addition to the 16GB iPod Touch for $399 and the 8GB iPod Touch for $299.

Though there are no additional features in these models, I hear they will come pre-loaded with firmware v1.1.3, and the good news is that the 32GB iPod Touch will include the $20 software upgrade which adds Mail, Maps, Stocks, Weather and Notes which was announced in Steve Jobs Keynote Address.

If you are interested in upgrading from your 4GB or 8GB iPhone then more details are available after the jump.

No Hacking Required: Latest version of 1Password brings Password AutoFill to iPhone’s Safari Browser

No Hacking Required: Latest version of 1Password brings Password AutoFill to iPhone’s Safari Browser

Do you use an application to help you keep track of all web passwords and for automated sign-in? If yes, chances are you currently missing it on your iPhone.

Not any more as there is some good news for all you folks, the makers of 1Password have come up with with an ingenious way to sync your passwords with the iPhone or iPod Touch.

They have recently released the latest version of 1Password which has the ability to sync all login information as a bookmarklet to iPhone/iPod Touch. When opened, this bookmarklet will allow automatic login into any website.

iPhone Dev team Releases Updated version of Official 1.1.3 Upgrader

Yesterday I had reported that the iPhone Dev team had released an automatic graphical method for upgrading to a jailbroken iPhone firmware v1.1.3 called "Official 1.1.3 Upgrader".

However, there have been several users reporting problems with the jailbreak method. The iPhone Dev team have been quick to address most of the issues in a new version of their automatic jailbreak method called “Official 1.1.3 upgrader 1.1.3-2?.

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