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  • Kmok7

    I haven’t seen this reported anywhere else. The integreted iOS dictionary does not seem to carry over. Instead the user must download one from a short list of English and other languages dictionaries. To access this list, highlight a word, and choose “define.” Click “Manage,” new “button” in the lower left of the pop up, and the list appears. From there multiple dictionaries can be downloaded or deleted once downloaded.

  • sattar

    itunes can’t read my contents after i restore it 2 times? help!

  • rrs0725

    Apple back to NOT allowing iPhone 5S purchase online with in-store pickup option. Changed back to “not eligible, in store purchase only”

  • Chris

    My BBM for IOS has been working perfectly until about 2 hrs ago. Suddenly I can’t send or receive messages, Any reports of Blackberry blocking IOS devices?