3G, does the iPhone really need it?

One of the major concerns about the forthcoming iPhone is the lack of 3G support. Most of these concerns come from other areas of the world where there actually is 3G coverage. However, here in the US, we don’t have a lot of 3G coverage. So maybe the lack of 3G isn’t so bad after all.

Several large cities are planning on fully WiFi accessible, so in those places, you wouldn’t even need to worry about 3G. Also, even in smaller communities such as the one I live in, you can drive around and find free WiFi from many restaurants and coffee shops.

Eventually we will begin seeing more 3G coverage as cell phone companies realize just how much the mobile phone community wants it. And surely by that time Apple will have released an update to the iPhone that includes 3G support. Until then, map out your local hotspots, and see what kind of WiFi coverage your area has. It’s bound to be better than the 3G coverage.