iPhone Multi Touch Technology to Feature in Apple iPods and Notebooks

Apple is going to create a “mega-platform” of devices based around the multi-touch display introduced by the iPhone. Analyst Ben Reitzes encouraged his clients to look past the minute details of the initial iPhone and focus on the power that lies in the ‘unannounced’ multi-touch ecosystem that will eventually find its way into several products across the company’s product portfolio.

claims that Apple is in a position with the multi-touch platform as it was in 2001-2003 when it launched its first iPods with the popular click wheels.

The UBS analyst said he expects the new platform to become prevalent in each of the consumer electronics maker’s major hardware products within 3-5 years, possibly sparking touchscreen Macs later this holiday season or sometime in 2008. Among his expectations are touch-screen iMacs, as well as “tablet-like” notebook devices that provide basic computing without the need for a keyboard or stylus if the user desires to keep the device closed.

“We also expect new touchscreen video iPods, more phones and possibly even
TVs in the future,” he added. “With regard to the iPhone, we expect Apple to have a full line of phones from $150 to $600 available for
purchase at multiple retailers in several geographies within three years, just like it did for iPods.”

To cut long story short, one can expect multi-touch based iPods, newer phones for all budgets, TV, tablets and even iMacs in a few years from now. While this may be considered quite a longshot for now, we are still optimistic!