It’s kind of official: Apple iPhone & JAJAH VoIP

JAJAH Mobile Web will allow iPhone or smartphone owners to make VoIP calls straight from the web browser to anywhere in the world with no download, installation, or contract. Users just type in into their mobile browser and enter their JAJAH user name and password. Then the rest is just a click away from calling any one in your JAJAH address book. If the company’s claim hold true, the iPhone will be an even hotter product when it goes on sale in June.

However, JAJAH blog post a link to the JAJAH Mobile Plug-in saying that “We are going to bring JAJAH Mobile to the iPhone as soon as it becomes available.” MacDailyNews raised the point that wouldn’t such plug-in require Apple’s blessing? As far as I’m concerned, Apple has not made any official statement yet.