Nokia: iPhone might get dirty and its hard to use while driving

A leading Nokia executive has been discussing the companies thoughts on the iPhone this week with an analyst at the Bank of America.

Apparently Nokia are concerned that the screen will be hard to keep clean and that it won’t be easy to use while you are driving.

The comments made by Nokia VP of Multimedia Computers Jonas Geust were as follows:

  • Touch screens: Geust said that Nokia has heard some positive feedback, but also noted that some people have issues with keeping them clean, and that some people dislike the fact that they are hard to use with one hand. (Which makes them hard to use while driving.)
  • Bandwidth: Geust says he does not think 2.5G technology (which is what the first iPhone will use) will be fast enough. He says devices should have 3G and/or wi-fi access for a rich user experience.
  • Cameras: The Nokia exec said the sweet spot will be 3-5 megapixels.
  • Storage: Geust says 4GB to 8 GB of storage should be enough for music alone but that 16GB or even 32 will be needed to store music, photos and video.
  • Only about 60% of users who have MP3 players on their phone actually use them

Maybe 40% of us don’t use the MP3 player on our phones but thats because almost every phone these days has an MP3 player whether we like it or not.