The $3,000 iPhone

We all know that the long expected iPhone was announced under a price of $499 for the 4GB model and $599 for the 8GB one. Chris Seibold from Apple Matters analyzed the expenses of owning an iPhone, and the results multiples the cost of the phone by 5. In case you want to review the list yourself, or in case you’re thinking of purchasing an iPhone, here it is.

Expensive iPhone

Cingular (AT&T) service: $39.99 (450 min) to $199.99 (6000 min)
Bluetooth earpiece: $50
Data package: $20-$50
Getting out of your current contract: $200.00
Car charger: $40
Case: $50

So for a two years contract, he evaluated the expenses all the way up to just a bit over $3,000, all the expenses included. Please do read that again. $3,000. So the iPhone is going to cost a bunch but it will be worth it; the complaints about the virtual keyboard and the comparisons to the Newton are specious. If the iPhone functions half as effortlessly as it did in the Steve Jobs demo, the experience will be worth every penny.

Wow, the iPhone is going to cost a ton; that is more than Steve Jobs makes in a millennium! Of course, no one would buy an iPhone if the total cost was demanded up front so, thankfully, Cingular will let you pay for the thing in monthly contractually obligated payments. It can’t possibly be worth the thousands just for the glory of using an iPhone, can it?

So, how badly do you want an iPhone?