Vodafone will launch the iPhone in Europe

As the time passes, the iPhone gets closer and closer to the release date. Meanwhile, Apple is looking for a powerful European partner that will be able to distribute the wonder-device in many countries all over the continent. Vodafone has the most chances to win the competition, but Apple refused to comment on anything related to this subject.

The main reason is that the iPhone might be equipped with 3G features, and Vodafone has experience in the field, as it’s already distributing similar services. However, no further information is available since Apple keeps the release date for iPhone, uncertain. They’re afraid that with a specified date, the sales for other Apple products will drop subsequently.

At this time, there are numerous rumors sustaining the Apple iPhone will be challenged by a similar product designed by Google able to provide almost the same functions. Although numerous photos and articles with a potential Googlephone were published, the company recently denied the speculations, sustaining Google is a firm that works on developing software solutions and not on the hardware side.