Why the iPhone is no threat to the Blackberry

Mike Lazaridis, Co-CEO of Research in Motion, said he sees no threat for the Blackberry coming from the iPhone. And if you look closely to the RIM strategy and the device, you will understand why. The iPhone and the Blackberry are simply two different kind of products with two different kind of markets.


The BB is a device for professionals and is basically an email and agenda management device. Ever wonder why the Blackberry is so addictive. Is it because of its phone features? Certainly not, my Blackberry is the worst mobile phone I ever had. Multimedia features? Mine can’t even display an image properly and there are absolutely no music capabilities.

But why is it so addictive? Because of the tight integration it has with the email server of the company you work for. There is simply no other mobile mail platform that can give the professional worker the same fluid experience with a mobile device.

The way RIM is seeing the business is through “deployment” of the RIM server in your IT network. They want to sell your company dozens, hundreds and thousands of blackberries but only after the implementation of their server linked to you email server is done. These deployments are done with RIM, the Network operator, the IT people from your company and many other people from many departments inside your company. It’s a very complex project that involves money, time and training of the users. It changes literally the way you work.

You won’t see that from the iPhone. The iPhone is a personal device made to be use without any other piece of software. The iPhone is going to be a huge success because it’s an iPod and it has a brilliant design and interface. The iPhone does have a lot of bells and whistles but those a rarely selling points when seriously choosing a working tool. On the other hand, the Blackberry is a lot less attractive when not completely synced with the Exchange server or another mail server.

The market for the iPhone is more mainstream product than the Blackberry. You will see people from of all ages buying the iPhone. iPod lovers will be the first ones to switch to the iPhone because before everything else, the iPhone is an iPod with phone and internet capabilities.

iPod, Therefore, iPhone…