iPhone in a nutshell

Though it might go a little too fast to be called a tutorial, it’s nice to see. It’s a video all about the the iPhone in a nutshell.

It starts with the iPod and iPod movies function. Nice to see the way Apple always manages to get good stuff in, whatever they do. In this case you see “the office”. Follows the phone function with the conference call option. Next up is the sms chat function (sms with an email format). Then you see is the great multi touch screen applied: zooming in and out of photo’s with two fingers. Notice how thepicture of the Duomo in Florence switches from vertical to horizontal when the iPhone is turned.

The iPhone is the first phone to support rich HTML. That’s why you see the internet sites just as you would see them on your computer, in Safari, Apples browser. Of course you can sent email with it, but even better, it has Google maps on it. this means never getting lost again. Notice the way you can browse through pages by dragging your finger across the screen.