iPhone Activation without AT&T hack in 9 easy steps using iActivator!

If you want to activate your iPhone so that you can use it without having to set up an account with AT&T but were put off by the need to use command line then there is some good news for you. A GUI based iPhone activation program; iActivator has been released.

iPhone Hacks

Before I begin let me clarify that iActivator will not unlock your SIM, it only activates your iPhone so that you can use it without having to set up an account with AT&T which means that you can use your iPhone as an iPod or as an internet device (using Wi-Fi) without having the facility to make calls, etc.

iActivator is a Cocoa-based application currently for MAC only which provides a nice interface for activating your iPhone. It does not rely on any external programs and does everything in one application and more importantly without the need of command line. The program is available for free download at iPhone Dev Wiki’s site (based on the request from folks at iPhone Dev Wiki I am not providing a link though you can easily Google them). Folks at ModMyiPhone.com have also published a step by step guide  (in 9 easy steps) to activate your iPhone using iActivator.

Before you start playing around with the program, here are a few words of caution, folks at ModMyiPhone.com have observed that iActivator isn’t perfect yet. They say it shouldn’t harm the iPhone, but may freeze up a couple times. So please proceed at your own risk.

It has been interesting to see that in less than a month of the iPhone launch, we are seeing iPhone hacks
evolving from being ONLY for the technically inclined to GUI based
tools thus making it that much more easier for users to try these hacks.

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