iPhone hackers claim to have gained full ownership of the iPhone filesystem

I had carried out an article about iPhone hackers claiming to have developed an iPhone hack called "iPhoneInterface" which will help you manipulate the iPhone’s state, launch services and also having the capability of interacting with the iPhone.

The same folks have made more progress in their goal to get access to the iPhone’s filesystem and are now claiming they have gained full ownership of the iPhone filesystem.

This definitely opens a whole host of options of customizing Apple’s iPhone.

The iPhone hackers over at IRC channel #iphone in an update titled "How to Escape Jail" highlight the technical steps to enable you to have custom ringtones, change wallpapers and lot more for your iPhone.

They are yet to release a tool which will make it easier to do some of these things but as can be seen in the image above have given evidence that they have indeed hacked into the iPhone.

So stay tuned at IRC channel #iphone to find out more or you can always come here to get latest updates on iPhone hacks.