iFuntastic v3.03: Install native iPhone applications, custom ringtones, support for PowerPC & lots more

iPhone iFunstastic icon

iFunstastic v3.03 is here and the good news for those who have PowerPCs is that the latest version of the iPhone hack now supports PowerPC. The other great enhancement is that the file browser will not only let you gain access to iPhone’s file system it will also allows you to install the latest native iPhone application. Read on for more details.

bitSplit, after about 3 weeks of silence has just released v3.03 of iFuntastic and if v2.5 was great with the addition of the iPhone file browser, the latest version is even better. (see iPhoneHacks.com, iFuntastic v2.5 now also has a iPhone file browser)

So what’s new? One of the limitations of the previous versions of iFuntastic was that it could be used only on only Intel based MAC computers, the good news is the new version now also supports PowerPC as promised. However, looks like Windows PC users will need to wait longer.

The other new feature called "Unshackling" has been introduced in this version, basically this means that you do not need to un-jail or re-jail your iPhone for every modification instead it needs just one-time jail breaking. This method also does not require iTunes to be shut down while you are making modifications which was another limitation of the prevision version.

You can now use the file browser (called the file manager in this version) to not only gain access to iPhone’s file system but it will also allow you to install the latest native iPhone applications or hacks including uploading of NES ROMs.

The Home screen personalization feature has been enhanced, with the new version you are not limited to one home screen but you can have multiple home screens with each having different icons and even backgrounds.

As for custom ringtones feature, you can now use iFuntastic to rip iTunes previews for you , all you need to do is simply create a playlist of songs from the iTunes Music Store and drag the exported version into iFuntastic to install them as custom ringtones on your iPhone. (see iPhoneHacks.com, Make iTunes Previews your iPhone’s custom ringtone)

Here is a summary of the changes since the last version according to bitsplit:

  • PowerPC support! Finally. Thanks for keeping the faith 🙂
  • One-time unjailing – called ‘Unshackling’.
  • Drag and drop any file onto the phone in the new ‘File Manager’ (formerly Browser 🙂
  • Edit text files directly on the phone.
  • Drag and drop installation of native applications – no restart of the phone necessary.
  • Info page: a one-stop-shop for all documentation (still sparsely populated right now, sorry.)
  • Troubleshooting page: a one-stop-shop for pummeling the phone and inquiring about its status.
  • Much improved ringtone installation.
  • Drag and drop replacement of system sounds.
  • Completely reworked Home Screen Editor. Place applications anywhere you want them (gaps are OK.)
  • Support for multiple home screen ‘pages’. Have up to 80 applications at your fingertips!
  • Custom home screen ‘wallpaper’, better called home screen backgrounds, to distinguish from the ‘real’ wallpaper.

Overall, the latest version of iFuntastic will make it that much more easier for someone to hack the iPhone, do let me know your experience in the comments below.

bitSplit, excellent stuff!

Sreenshot of personalised home screens & iFunstastic v3.03’s UI can be seen below: