Nintendo’s classic Duck Hunt game for the iPhone

iPhone Games

The classic Duck Hunt game from Nintendo is now available for the iPhone. Sounds boring? I think the game will be quite cool on the iPhone and casual gamers will probably like it especially since Apple has not preloaded the iPhone with any games.

The iPhone hacking community had only last week brought the NES emulator to the iPhone which had generated a lot of interest from iPhone users as it brought with it an expectation of many more games for the iPhone. This one is different though and probably the best part about it.

Deron Dantzler has unveiled the old classic Duck hunting game from Nintendo for the iPhone and the best part about it is you don’t need an iPhone hack or need to download it or use one of those command line tools to copy it to your iPhone; no messing around with your latest precious gadget for this one, it is available online and you can play it now for free.