iPhone Hacking community brings NES emulator to the iPhone

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SDK or No SDK for the iPhone, its raining iPhone applications as the hacking community is in fully swing. This new iPhone hack has got me all excited. iPhone hacker "stepwhite" has brought InfoNES core to the iPhone, along with Mario Bros, Zelda and all the favorite NES roms.

You will understand the reason for using the term "community" in the subject line as you read further.

It all started with the "Hello World" which was the first unauthorized iPhone GUI application, we then had the next breakthrough when the Mobile Terminal application which was essentially "a terminal emulator application for the iPhone." and not to forget the screenshot utility for the iPhone.

So what does that mean for you as an iPhone user and why am I so excited? For those who are not aware about InfoNES, here is a brief description, InfoNES is an open source and portable Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator which means it will let you play Mario Bros, Zelda and all your favorite roms on your iPhone.

However, the version of the emulator that was released by "stepwhite" and also seen in the YouTube video below was quite slow. Nothing to be worried about, as the iPhone hacking geniuses (NerveGas and NightWatch) were quick to attack the performance issues by working overnight to rewrite and release the optimized NES which also includes multi-touch support.