iPhone Hackers strike again: Another method of unlocking the iPhone

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The four methods of unlocking the iPhone especially the software method claimed by folks at iphoneunlocking.com and then confirmed by Engadget seems to have ruffled folks at AT&T as we are getting reports claiming that AT&T has unleashed lawyers on iPhone hackers.

But this has not stopped a trio of iPhone hackers from Israel from claiming that they too have a method of unlocking the iPhone, which is similar to the hardware method published by iPhone hacking genius, George Hotz, but without the need for soldering whatsoever.

The iPhone Hackers from Israel are claiming to have unlocked the iPhone with a variation of the hardware method but without the need for soldering making this the fifth method so far of unlocking the iPhone. (see iPhoneHacks.com, The four methods to unlock the iPhone)

However, even without the soldering it still isn’t for the faint hearted, as the latest unlocking method needs the iPhone jailbreaked with SSH enabled and Binkit installed. The iPhone hack also needs couple of metal pins, cork and a piece of cable.

The procedure of unlocking the iPhone is made simpler (see iPhone hardware unlock easier method), however you will need a great deal of patience as it is seems quite lengthy. The folks are also claiming that with this method you will not lose the warranty of your iPhone but for that you shouldn’t leave any trace of opening it.

A guy from Switzerland has already tested out this latest iPhone hack, you can find the video from the Swiss dude below: