Release Candidate 1 of Nintendo emulator for the iPhone released


The iPhone hacking community had brought the Nintendo emulator to the iPhone couple of weeks back, however, it was still early days for the iPhone hack. Nervegas has been working on enhancing it and the iPhone hacking genius who had taken stepwhite’s iPhoneNES program and rewritten to make it to make it run fast has just released 0.99.00 version of the release, ready for prime-time or to put it more appropriately, Release Candidate 1 for NES emulator is now available.

It all started with stepwhite’s InfoNES program as the baseline (version 0.01) and in the course of two weeks iPhone hacker, nervegas has made a lot of enhancements and fixed a lot of bugs to release the release candidate 1 of the NES emulator for the iPhone.

For those of you who had missed out the last article on NES emulator for the iPhone, is a Nintendo emulator for Apple’s iPhone which is a modified version of the popular InfoNES emulation core to mimic the 6502 processor in a Nintendo Entertainment System, allowing you to play games designed for the NES console. (see, 07 August 2007, iPhone Hacking community brings NES emulator to the iPhone)

The enhanced version of not only runs very fast, but now also has many additional features including full sound, game genie codes, saved games, battery-saved ram support, and full screen support.

NerveGas has also made the source code of the program available, so in case you want to pick up a trick or two on how to use iPhone’s proprietary API to develop your own iPhone games then it would be a good place to start. Follow this link for the source code.

It will also be a good idea to read the Readme to get more details on how to compile from the source, on where to copy the files on your iPhone and for all the known issues.

However, there is still no step by step guide available to install NES onto your iPhone. One easy option is to use, however I am not sure if it currently comes packaged with the games and the latest update of NES. If you have figured out a way to get this onto your iPhone please do share the steps in the comments below.

Thanks nerveGas and also nightwatch, bwhiteman, dshadow who are helping you out with this iPhone hack.

Screenshot of the on the iPhone below: