The four methods to unlock the iPhone (so far)


Apple iPhone is probably the most hyped gadgets ever created, however it is currently available only in the US and is locked into AT&Ts network by a two-year contract. By unlocking the iPhone it makes it possible to not only change carriers to get out of the two-year contract but will also allow people outside US to own the highly prized gadget.

iPhone hackers have been quick to seize on this opportunity and we now have not one but four options of unlocking the iPhone thus giving everyone the chance to own the highly prized gadget.

The four options available to unlock the iPhone that have surfaced so far have been mentioned below:

Forged SIM method:
The hackers in Europe first claimed to have unlocked the iPhone to work with any carrier with forged SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card, however there were issues reported that if you had an old SIM (V1) then it was possible to use the published method and program (forge) the new SIM card to make it work with the iPhone and on your network. However, if you are using one of the modern version of the SIMs i.e. V2 or V3 SIM then it wouldn’t work. (see, Hackers from Europe unlock iPhone to work with any carrier with forged SIM)

Turbo SIM method:
Hackers then claimed to have come up with a method which doesn’t use card readers and more importantly doesn’t depend on which version of the SIM you are using, they have claimed that it will work fine with V1, V2 or V3. This has been confirmed by folks @ Gizmodo who have been using the unlocked iPhone for the last one week now using Vodafone network. (see, iPhone completely unlocked (hacked) using Turbo SIM card)

Hardware soldering method:
The iPhone dev team did not want to stay out of all the action in the iPhone hacking space and have recently claimed to have unlocked the iPhone completely using a complicated hardware method. This method involves opening the iPhone and soldering some parts. The hack is supposed to work with any SIM card and carrier. Check the YouTube video below to check their claims. (see Gizmodo, iPhone Unlocked (Again) with Obscure Hardware Solution)