Killer iPhone Application: Edit, Format and Share Word Documents using your iPhone with Glide Mobile

Software startup Transmedia announced yesterday (13th September, 2007) that Glide Mobile, the online file sharing and transcoding service, that it now enables Apple iPhone users to view, edit, format and share MS Word documents.

Glide Mobile provides transcoding capabilities, so the version of the file you look at it optimized for the iPhone’s viewing capabilities and networking speed depending on whether you are using AT&T’s Edge Network or Wi-Fi.

Glide Write will let you open and edit multiple Word docs and includes formatting features like bold, italic, underline, bullets, 40 symbols, and even includes HTML source editing and preview modes. You can automatically sync and convert Word documents for access on the your iPhone and also export documents created on your iPhone to Word, PDF and RTF.

The other cool feature of Globe Mobile is that it allows you to collaborate the documents with others from your iPhone thanks to non-destructive rights-based collaborative document editing. You can control the number of document views and downloads allowed and set limits on file uploads by other users, as well as control the time period that documents can be accessed by other users and add password protection. You can also alter or revoke access rights to documents at any time.

Donald Leka, Chairman and CEO of Transmedia had this to say about their exciting new offering for iPhone users “Glide provides the convenience and security of access to all of your most important documents and other digital files on your iPhone, so now you can work in Glide on your iPhone in one hand while you enjoy a cup of Starbucks coffee in the other hand.”

Transmedia is offering Glide Mobile free of charge; which gets you 2 GBs of online storage; however if you are looking for more storage then you need to pay $5.00 a month or $49.95 a year which gives you an additional 10 GBs of storage for a total of 12GBs of storage.

In case you are wondering why would you need to 12GB for Word documents; in addition to documents Glide also provides automated online synchronization of your music, video, photos, contact, calendars and bookmarks for Windows, Mac and Linux PCs for anytime, anywhere access on all of your devices. I will try to cover those features soon in another article.

Other than Apple’s iPhone, Globe Mobile also supports more than 50 smart phones like several RIM Blackberry, Palm Treo, Samsung and Nokia devices. With Globe Mobile, Transmedia seem to have a killer mobile application in their portfolio.

Check out Globe Mobile by pointing your iPhone’s Safari browser to and as always share your experience with the latest iPhone application in the comments below.

Screenshot of Globe Mobile user interface below: