Add Custom Ringtones to your iPhone with iTunes 7.4 for FREE. Seriously?

iPhone Hacks

So we all know that you will soon be able to add custom ringtones to your iPhone with iTunes 7.4, not to forget the additional cost of 99c for a song if you already have it and in case you don’t then the cost of adding a ringtone will be $1.98.

What if I tell you that with a simple hack you could add ringtones using iTunes free of cost? Yes, you pay Apple 0c thanks to one of the readers at Macrumors who has figured out a way to convert music files to ringtones in iTunes 7.4.

So how does it work? It is based on the fact that iTunes differentiates a song file and a ringtone by the file extension. While we all knew that the song file extension was AAC; the file extension for Ringtones is "M4R". So with that info I am sure the step by step from Macrumors which you are about to read is a no-brainer. Here is all you need to do:

For Windows and Mac:

1. To add a ringtone to your iPhone, using Windows Explorer or Finder just duplicate and rename any AAC file with a "M4R" extension, then double-click on it. This file will be added to your iTunes library automatically.