Hacked iPhone VS iPhone 1.1.1

iPhone firmware 1.1.1 has brought in a great deal of disappointment for iPhone owners, not only did it partially brick the unlocked iPhones (apparently maliciously) where the unlocking mechanism of the iPhone Dev Team was used it also has made all the cool iPhone hacks unusable.

Apple seems to have missed the pulse of the iPhone owners as what made the iPhone truly revolutionary was not just the iPhone but was also because of the cool iPhone applications that were released by the iPhone hacking community.

Lets have a look at what’s on offer with iPhone 1.1.1 in comparison to the hacked iPhone.

As can be seen below, folks at Wired have put together a very cool at-a-glance checklist image (based on ) which gives a good comparison on what the iPhone 1.1.1 has to offer in comparison to the hacked iPhone (firmware 1.0.2). The breaking news on iPhone’s firmware update bricking unlocked iPhone’s and making iPhone hacks unusable has seen a overwhelming response; I must admit I haven’t observed so must disgust shown by Apple’s lovers before.

It might be foolish for Apple to think that they have won the cat and mouse game Steve Jobs talked about recently as it is killer applications like YouTube or Google Maps on the iPhone or SlingPlayer Mobile on Nokia N95 that will make them revolutionary. Its not just the hardware that will be enough to achieve greatness but you need software too to compliment the hardware.