Native iPhone App “Connect” makes it easier to login to Wi-Fi Hotspots with your iPhone

With its native iPhone application called "Connect" Devicescape wants to make it simpler for iPhone users to connect to Wi-Fi networks without the the tedious process of entering user names and passwords.

So how does it work?

First, you need to store the authentication information required to connect to a network in your account on their My Devicescape website for all the Wi-Fi hotspots and networks you commonly use, which can be done even from your computer. Devicescape automates the login process for dozens of for-fee hotspot networks and aggregators of hotspots, including T-Mobile HotSpot, AT&T WiFi, Fon, Boingo, iPass, and others, as well as dozens of free networks that require some confirmation step or login account to use.

You then need to install "Connect" the native application on your iPhone, so when you’re at a hotspot next time round for which you’ve entered the authentication information required, all you will need to do is simply tap the Connect application and click Login. The application then connects to the local network, tunnels your login request through the hotspot’s DNS service (sounds quiet clever but not sure if it will work all the time), receives back an encrypted set of login details, and then passes those credentials on to the hotspot to make a successful connection. In case of free networks, the native application knows to "click" the right button, sending a Web request with the correct response in it. The application is available for free.

How do you install and setup "Connect"?

The good part of the native iPhone application is that it can be installed using the very cool "" application. In order to install Connect on to your iPhone using follow the links below:

Once "Connect" is installed for it to communicate with Devicescape servers, when you first launch it by tapping the Connect icon on your iPhone’s home screen, it should provide you with a code which uniquely identifies your iPhone which should be entered in your My Devicespace account.

Once you are done with the installation and setup process, you can connect to Wi-Fi hotspots without all the fuss of tapping in user names
and passwords, clicking the "Accept" buttons, or remembering the lengthy encryption keys.

Glenn Fleishman over at TidBits has been using it for over a week and this is what he has to say about his experience:

"I’ve been using Connect for over a week and have tested it at a few T-Mobile locations. It’s rather marvellous to tap Login, and be on the network. It’s the way the iPhone should work – and now does."

I would tend to agree with Glenn, the latest iPhone application seems to make it a breeze to get online using your iPhone. Don’t forget to share your experience in the comments below.

"Connect" is definitely on my list of iPhone hacks to use when I get my hands on the iPhone (as it is yet to launched in Europe).


Alex and gr have both observed issues installing "Connect" using, a good way to get your issues resolved would be to visit the thread on installing it over at Devicescape’s forum.

[via TidBits]

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