iRing 2.0: Free Automator Application to create ringtones for the iPhone

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I had posted a couple of days back on how you could add custom ringtones to your iPhone in iTunes 7.4 using a simple hack thanks to a bug discovered by a reader at Macrumors. Apple immediately released an update iTunes 7.4.1 apparently to fix the bug, however it did not take long for someone to discover a workaround even with iTunes 7.4.1.

Apple Gazette has released their first iPhone application called "iRing" which automates this process to help you add custom ringtones to your iPhone.

In case you missed the earlier post on this topic, do give it a read Add Custom Ringtones to your iPhone with iTunes 7.4 for FREE first to understand the context.

So if you have iTunes 7.4.1, here is how to do it courtesy Engadget:

First, you need to follow the steps of the original method

    * Create your ringtone by saving it as an AAC file.
    * Rename the m4a extension to m4r.
    * Double-click to play in iTunes.

Now, if you’re upgraded to 7.4.1

    * Go back and re-rename that m4r file back to m4a. That’s it.
    * Plug in your iPhone and that ringtone will be added to your syncable ringtones list — and it won’t pop up the error from before.

Now, this can be rather painful if you want to add more than one or two ringtones, that is where iRing comes in to make the simple iPhone hacking process that much more easier and quicker. The iPhone application is available for free download.

Apparently based on the notes from the developer, iTunes must be closed for it to work as if iTunes is open, it will not add the ringtone file to the Ringtones tab on your iPhone.

iRing 2.0 has been updated to work with iTunes 7.4.1, in case you are still using iTunes 7.4 then you can download the original iRing to add ringtones to your iPhone for free, or at least till Apple releases iTunes 7.4.2 to fix this hole as well.

The developer also cautions you by saying "You are using it at your own risk." So in case you are planning to take the risk do let me know how well it works in the comments.

Click here to download iRing. Thanks Apple Gazette.

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