iPhone Web App: Top 10 OSX Widget “Starry Night” comes to the iPhone

iPhone WebApp - Starry Night

Starry Night, the popular desktop astronomy application and a Top 10 OSX Widget download is now available as an iPhone WebApp. In case you didn’t know; the tool lets you see the sky (planets, constellations etc) from any location on the earth. All you need to do is set your location by either ZIP/Postal code or by latitude and longitude or landmark. You can apparently also view the sky for any date / time (10 years past and future).

You can make use of iPhone’s multi-touch interface to see the sky from all directions using the iPhone WebApp or even zoom-in on any area of the sky to identify nebulas, star clusters, and more.

To check it out, point your iPhone’s Safari browser to this link: http://www.space.com/snserver/iphone/

And let me know if you enjoyed watching the sky from the "jesus phone".