AppSnapp: Single-Click Method to JailBreak iPhone OS v1.1.1 generates Overwhelming Demand

AppSnapp - Single Click JailBreak

AppSnapp, the single-click method to JailBreak iPhone & iPod Touch OS v1.1.1 released by the iPhone hacking geniuses late on Sunday night has generated overwhelming demand.

It is being reported that it has been used more than 144,000 times since it was released late Sunday night. Nicholas “Drudge” Penree, one of the key members of iPhone hacking group responsible for AppSnapp’s development, has told iPhone Atlas that he thinks the figure represents about 100,000 actual devices.

It is not surprising as its by far the easiest jailbreaking solution we have seen so far and the best part is since its a web-based solution you can perform the jailbreak from your iPhone or iPod Touch without having to worry if this jailbreaking method will work on Mac or Windows.

In addition to jailbreaking the iPhone, AppSnapp also installs the cool Installer app and more importantly also fixes the security exploit which was used to jailbreak the iPhone OS v1.1.1 in the first place.

With Installer app one could then also use the AnySIM app, a GUI-based tool developed by the iPhone Dev Team to unlock iPhone; making it also the easiest two-step process for unlocking the iPhone OS v1.1.1.

For more details on the single-click method to JailBreak iPhone or iPod Touch OS v1.1.1, click here.

Folks, don’t forget to tip them for their effort by clicking the donate button at this link, as apparently they have only collected $1500 so far for all their great work.