iPhone Tips: Optimize Settings to Extend iPhone’s Battery Life

If you are one of those whose biggest complaint of your iPhone is that you need to keep recharging it on a regular basis then you will find this article useful.

Apple claims of 8 hours of talk time, 6 hours of Internet use, 7 hours of video playback or 24 hours of audio playback and finally 250 hours of standby time.
However, thanks to the revolutionary features of the iPhone where you can do more than one thing at a time i.e use the internet and also listen to music at the same time, you might be experiencing significantly lesser battery life then that mentioned above.

Hence you could use some of the tips mentioned here to optimize settings to extend your iPhone’s battery life between charges.

Auto-Lock Your iPhone

Whenever you are not using your iPhone remember to lock your iPhone, to lock iPhone, press the Sleep/Wake button. However, the more efficient solution would be to turn On the Auto-lock settings. To do this go to Settings, then tap General, then Auto-Lock and select 1 minute from the list of options as lower the settings the sooner your iPhone will go into the locked state which in turn will turn off the screen and other functions, saving your iPhone’s battery life.

Turn Off Functions if you are not using or can’t use them

If you are in an area without Wi-Fi spots, then tap on Wi-Fi in the Settings application to turn it Off. The same goes for Bluetooth as well, tap General, then Bluetooth and slide the button to it Off.

Reduce Brightness of your iPhone

We all know that iPhone’s 3.5 inch screen looks even more gorgeous at maximum brightness however it is advicable to use Auto-Brightness as at max brightness it is also consumes more power. So tap Settings, then tap Brightness, then use the slider to reduce the brightness to an acceptable level and turn on Auto-Brightness On by sliding the button.

Reduce the interval of Auto-checking email

Apparently checking email can also drain your iPhone’s battery. So its a good idea to reduce this interval to every hour, to do this in settings, choose Mail then tap Auto-Check, you could also turn it to Manual which should significantly conserve your battery life.

Turn Off the Equalizer

Though using Equalizers (EQ) while listening to music on your iPhone enhances sound quality it apparently also uses more of your processor as they aren’t encoded in the song. To turn Off the Equalizers tap Settings, then iPod, then tapping EQ and selecting Flat from the available options.

I hope you found these iPhone Tips useful in extending battery life of your iPhone between charges, in case you have discovered or use an iPhone tip not mentioned here do feel free to share with fellow readers in the comments.

In fact iPod Touch owners will also find most of these tips useful.

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