iPhone Rumors: iPhone coming to Canada on December 7th; pre-orders from Nov 20th?

The rumor mongers on iPhone’s launch in Canada are back again, this time it is folks at Boy Genius Report who have got hold of an alleged leaked advertisement (as seen in the thumbnail) which suggest that Rogers could be launching the iPhone on its network in Canada on December 7th. If you are to believe the leaked advertisement, iPhone will sell for $499 CAD on a 3-year contract and that the pre-orders will start from Nov 20th.

However, Canadian readers before you start planning on lining up outside the Apple stores on Dec 7th to be first to get your hands on the iPhone (in Canada legitimately of course) lets hear it officially from Apple on this one as we had already seen one rumor which claimed that iPhone is coming to Canada in mid-Oct.

The other issue is with the image, if you check out Roger’s website; Roger’s logo in the leaked advertisement does not match the logo on their website suggesting that the advertisement is more a Photoshop job (but must admit is quite nicely done).

The only reason why the iPhone’s launch in Canada seems to have been delayed is due to the trademark dispute over the iPhone name, so till we don’t hear that the dispute has been settled, the launch date seems far fetched. What do you think?