iPhone Web App: Files2Phones allows iPhone owners to Remotely Access Files from their PC and more

We have already seen a large number of companies releasing web apps specially optimized for the iPhone UI since its launch, one such iPhone application to be released and recently listed by Apple on their application directory under Productivity is Files2Phones from 1stWorks Corporation, a powerful application management, content delivery and display software, presenting your desktop data on request on your iPhone or your iPod Touch.

1stWorks Corporation, is a leader in real time communications software and data compression technology. Files2Phones is a Web-based application that instantly displays the contents of files on a remote PC to an iPhone or iPod touch  using SSL technology to protect the data.

With Files2Phones, you can view any data files or directories remotely on your iPhone or iPod Touch, that you have made available on your computer, not just Word and Excel, but any files, .pdf files and even autoCAD.

As you would have guessed, the application requires users to install server software on their PC (currently available for Windows-only or Intel Mac with Parallels Desktop 3.0.) and drop the local directories or individual files for remote access into public, private or guest folders.

The files are immediately added to the personal F2P directory at a personalized .myf2p.com page on Web where they can be viewed using the Safari browser. Security is managed by user/password and time-frame (in addition to detailed logging of all transfers/requests).

Users can also view an instantaneous image of the desktop (and even of any monitor when used with a multiple monitor setup).

With this services you can also send photos from your iPhone: simply take the picture with the iPhone camera, email it to a personal directory at your .myf2p.com page and Files2Phones will automatically add the image into the published picture file.

From the iPhone, you can also share any file from your desktop by emailing specifically encrypted links to you friend/colleague so that the file can be opened by him/her in a browser.

Lastly, Files2Phones bring mobile computing to your iPhone as you can also launch any application on your desktop directly from your iPhone so as to manage it remotely, display menus, execute functions, right from your iPhone.

However, the user experience with regards to this feature still needs improvement as I believe that continuous streaming of your computer desktop (image) could greatly improve user experience for remote desktop management using your iPhone. I guess it is more a limitation of what one can do with web-apps and something that would be possible to achieve once we have native iPhone applications when Apple releases its iPhone SDK to developers.

A 3-month license of File2Phones will cost you $29.95 while a 12-month license will cost you $99.95.

I have given this a test run and must add that it worked exactly how it is described here, installation process and setup was quite
intuitive. As soon as you move a file to be viewed in the shared area using the server software and a refresh of the iPhone’s Safari browser, it is immediately available to be accessed remotely from your iPhone. You will be amazed to view your data files on your iPhone;
it appears as though your iPhone is an extension of your desktop or your second monitor.

Click here to download your FREE 14-day trial and check out Files2Phones. I would recommend it.

Thanks to folks @ 1stWorks for dropping in a line to inform me about File2Phones and for promptly sending a 3-month activation key to give it a test run.

[via Files2Phones at myF2P.com]

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