Hidden Features in iPhone Firmware 1.1.1

If you turn blind eye to the issues that iPhone owners who have unlocked their iPhone and those who had installed the cool third-party hacks have faced (just for a moment as I understand the disappointment and frustration), it would be fair to say that Apple did quite a good in providing us information on the latest iPhone firmware update if you compare it with the previous two firmware updates since the launch, not only did they provide us details on the new features and shortcuts that were introduced; they also followed it with a video showcasing the new features which incidentally featured the same guy as the original iPhone video tour.

However, there were a few new features that Apple didn’t mention. I can’t do a video like Apple to tell you what they are but have done the next best thing. I have compiled a list the blogosphere of the hidden features courtesy which you might be curious to find out.

New Video Playback options:
iPhone firmware 1.1.1 bring new video playback options, including selectable resume functionality to begin playing videos where they left off or from the beginning, as well as closed captioning support. Tap “Settings,” then “iPod.”

Change voicemail password directly from the iPhone:
You can now change your voicemail password directly from the iPhone. To do this tap “Settings,” then “Phone,” then “Change Voicemail Password.”

Change sound for new text message:
If you are tired of the sound when a new text message arrives, you can now change it. For this tap “Settings,” then “Sounds,” then “New Text Message.”

iPhone Safari’s “Debug console”:
If you want to find out Mobile Safari HTML errors encountered when rendering Web pages you can enable iPhone Safari’s “Debug console”. Tap “Settings,” then “Safari,” then “Developer”.

Use International characters in Mail or SMS:
In Mail or SMS, you can press and hold certain keys (like C, or N) for a menu of corresponding international characters.

Play audio attachments in email messages:
In case you have not noticed already, you should be able to play audio attachments in email messages and support audio files in all the QuickTime audio formats it supports, including MP3 AAC and WAV.

Stream all Audio to a Bluetooth headset:
As per AppleInsider this is due to a bug but you can also be used as a feature hence I am listing it here. iPhone firmware 1.1.1 allows you to stream all audio, including iPod songs, audio from movies and TV shows and even keyboard taps and system sounds to a Bluetooth headset. Previously, only phone calls and voicemail (when enabled) were streamed to Bluetooth headsets.

Instructions on how to get this working courtesy AppleInsider:

"To take advantage of the bug and begin streaming music wirelessly, simply initiate a connection between your Bluetooth headset and the iPhone. Once the iPhone recognizes a connection from your paired headset, enter the Visual Voicemail interface under the phone application and select the "Audio" button from the upper right-hand corner of the screen. (If you do not have a Bluetooth headset paired to the iPhone or your Bluetooth headset has not initiated a connection with the iPhone, this button will instead say "Speaker".)"

In case you have found an undocumented or hidden feature which has not been listed above do share it with us in the comments.

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[via MyITablet  iPhoneAtlas and AppleInsider]

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