iFuntastic v4.6.1 released: Add Custom Ringtones and JailBreak iPhone OS v1.1.1

iFuntastic v4.6.1 Icon

One of the most popular GUI based iPhone hack for Mac users has to be iFuntastic developed by iPhone hacking genius, bitSplit. He has been quietly working in the background of all the iPhone hacking and unlocking news to improve iFuntastic and more importantly make it work with iPhone OS v1.1.1.

The good news is bitSplit has announced the latest version of his iPhone hacking tool v4.6.1 which along with various other improvements, makes it easy to jailbreak iPhone OS v1.1.1.

It has been almost four months since iPhone’s launch and to get a good idea on how the iPhone hacks have evolved one does not need to look beyond iFunstastic. One of the reasons for iFuntastic being so popular has been due to the fact that it was one of the first GUI based hacks to jailbreak the iPhone and help you add custom ringtones to your iPhone rather than having to pay Apple an additional 99c .

With the latest version of iFuntastic you can now Jailbreak an iPhone running OS v1.0.2 as well as OS v1.1.1 with the help of a wizard which will guide you through the process. The functionality to add custom ringtones to the iPhone will not only let you add any the entire audio file as a ringtone but you can now use the built-in ringtone cropper to customize any audio file to be a ringtone apparently without the need for any unshackling.

The other good thing about the latest version is that other than jailbreaking the iPhone it also installs the cool Installer app with which you can then install many of the unauthorized third-party iPhone applications.

Here is the list of changes since the last version courtesy iPhone Alley:

Customized ringtone support for 1.1.1 (unshackling not required)

New functions for Intel and PowerPC:

Downgrade firmware 1.1.1 to firmware 1.0.2
Upgrade firmware 1.0.2 to unshackled firmware 1.1.1
Unshackle firmware 1.1.1: combines the above two

The process is tricky, but it only requires patience and a ridiculous number of (automated) restarts and switches to iTunes and back.

Terminal, SSH, WiFi, CyberDuck, AppTapp, Installer, iNdependence: none are required!

A wizard will guide you through each process. You’ll end up with an unshackled 1.1.1 phone, with Installer uh, installed – ready to customize and install native applications and ringtones.

Combined Setup and Troubleshooting pages into one simplified page
automated phone restart and recovery/dfu modes: no more need to hold down buttons! (well, except on PowerPC – and when things go wrong…)

Unfortunately, the latest version of iFuntastic only works with Mac (both PPC and Intel-based) running OS X 10.4.9 or greater. Also the latest version of iFuntastic is no longer a freeware and now a shareware which allows only five free uses of each function before a $5 fee is requested.

You may download your copy of iFuntastic v4.6.1 here.

Let us know how well the latest version of one of the popular iPhone hacks worked for you.

Screenshots of the iFuntastic v4.6.1 below: