iNdependence v1.2.4: JailBreak your iPhone OS v1.1.1 with Easy-To-Use Interface (Updated)

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If you were looking for an easy way to jailbreak your iPhone on OS v1.1.1 then the latest version of iNdependence which v1.2.2 which works with iPhone OS v1.1.1 could be the solution. Unfortunately it is still not "the one click install" solution that mike a reader @ iPhone Hacks or I had hoped for, but it is definitely an attempt by developers of iNdependence to simplify the process of jailbreaking iPhone OS v1.1.1.

iPhone hackers released the latest version v1.2.2 of iNdependence today. iNdependence is a Cocoa-based application for Mac OS X which provides an easy-to-use interface for jailbreak, activation, SSH installation, and ringtone, wallpaper & unauthorized third-party application installation on your iPhone.

The latest version of iNdependence thus becomes the fourth method of jailbreaking the iPhone OS v1.1.1. The other three jailbreaking methods are as mentioned below:

  • This was followed by a step by step guide over at iPhoneAlley to jailbreak the iPhone. However this method apparently is an early method of the iPhone Dev Team which seems to have been leaked.

Based on initial reports from those who have tried out the latest version of iNdependence, it appears that though jailbreaking works quite well it isn’t the best solution to install third-party applications; for which I guess you could use the cool instead. If you have tried out older versions of iNdependence, the iPhone hackers have mentioned on their website that with OS v1.1.1 "the activation/jailbreak process is a bit more complicated now".

iNdependence is a universal binary and has been tested on both PPC
and Intel Macs running on Mac OS X 10.4.10. It has also been tested
with all iPhone OS versions v1.0, v1.0.1, v1.0.2, and v1.1.1 and it
works with iTunes versions 7.3 to 7.4.2.

However, if this convinces you to upgrade to iPhone OS v1.1.1 to use iNdependence to jailbreak then it is very important to warn you that if you have unlocked your iPhone then OS v1.1.1 results in bricking your iPhone and currently the only solution available for unlocking the iPhone OS v1.1.1 is the "not-for-free one" by folks at iPhoneSIMFree.

Also if you are confused between jailbreaking, activation and unlocking (will soon publish a wiki for these terms for quick reference), then let me clarify that iNdependence can only jailbreak and activate your iPhone running OS v1.1.1 but cannot unlock your iPhone so that you can use the SIM of any carrier.

The iPhone hackers have also been thoughtful enough to provide the source code for interacting with the iPhone in a library called "libPhoneInteraction" so that it can be easily reused by other applications.

Click here to visit the iPhone hackers website to download iNdependence v1.2.2.

In case you have already tried this out or plan to check it out then do give us your feedback on the latest hacking tool in the comments for the benefit of other readers.

Note: The latest version of iNdependence does not work with iPod Touch.


The developer has released a new version of iNDependence v1.2.4 which has fixed quite a few bugs.

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