iPhone App: iPhoneDrive v1.0 brought disk storage to iPhone; v1.2 makes it even better

iPhone Drive

Are you missing the Disk mode on your iPhone or iPod Touch? Ecamm Network has released version 1.2 of their iPhoneDrive software for iPhone or iPod Touch OS v1.1.1 so that you can use unused storage on your iPhone or iPod Touch for file storage like a thumb drive to backup data or transfer between Macs using a familiar Mac OS X interface.

Ecamm Network, a two-person Massachusetts software company, has released v1.2 of iPhoneDrive, an application that turns the Apple iPhone or for that matter even iPhone Touch into a storage device for people who want to take files from their Mac on the road. Ecamm are the same folks who have brought us such Mac classics as iGlasses and iChatUSBCam.

When the iPhoneDrive was first launched, it helped you transfers files to and from an iPhone using a neat finder-like interface which Mac users are familiar to. "That’s pretty much it," Glen Aspeslagh had said back then, who founded ECamm with his twin brother Ken in 2002, "It’s a very simple niche product that fills a missing feature." He then went on to add  "The iPhone doesn’t have that functionality, so we thought we’d try to write a program to add the feature".

Apple seems to have deliberately omitted the Disk mode from the iPhone to avoid people having access to iPhone’s OS X files with the intention I guess to avoid hacking. However, it is a nice feature to have your phone or MP3 player also double up as a thumb drive which is exactly what iPhoneDrive helps you achieve enabling you to use your iPhone’s or iPod Touch’s unused storage space as a disk drive to say backup data or transfer between Macs.
In addition, with the iTunes and iPhoto integration introduced in v1.2, iPhoneDrive also provides easy access to your iPhone’s iTunes and iPhoto media. You can now simply drag music and videos from the iPhone to your desktop, or send them directly to iTunes. This feature thus allows you to, for instance, sync music from one Mac to an iPhone using iTunes, then extract the same music to another Mac.

With v1.2, you are no longer limited to create just a single folder, you can now also create custom folders. They have also introduced the advanced settings feature which allows you to switch from seeing just the "safe" files rather than seeing every available file, including the manifests and lock sync files that are created by iTunes during synchronization thus adding a level of safety.

Thanks to iPhoneDrive’s Mac OS X interface as you can seen in the screenshots below it makes it quite simple to transfer files between your Mac and your iPhone. However, do note that iPhoneDrive does not provide you an interface for you to have access to your files from your iPhone, its only for access from your Mac.